Viktor Herz , a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Sweden has launched a Kickstarter project called Pictogram Vinyl Posters, which consists of 70+ minimalistic and colorful posters for songs from different genres and artists. It will run until Nov. 29, and we’re try to help him  to spread the word as much as possible.  “But it’s a bit hard when you’re just one freelancer, without a team and a big marketing budget.”  he told us.

So please, check if the project and if you like give a little money for this big project. Needs just 3 €!!!  (or little more if you want!)

Here’s the link:




Viktor Hertz was born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1983. In 2009, he started to do graphic design as a hobby, and has been freelancing since 2010. His work is usually inspired by pop-culture, satire and humor, often using visual metaphors and focusing on strong ideas. Viktor has been featured in numerous worldwide exhibitions, magazines and books, and has also had his own work exhibited. In 2014, he started to write and direct short films, and is currently combining commission work with personal projects.




Stanza 251: un sito di artisti che collaborano

Girando per il web, per gallerie e per strada si incontrano artisti e realtà molto interessanti… così è per questo sito, segnalatomi dallo scrittore Mathew Licht. Come promotore dell’arte, MaiMia vi consiglia di andare a proporvi, che siate artisti affermati o emergenti, perchè questa realtà artistica è composta da validi artisti.

Qui di seguito il link dove proporvi:

Andate a curiosare nel sito e compartite!

Sadi Oortmood e i passi della cometa

Sadi ci stupisce sempre, sempre in movimento tra tastiere, effetti computer, percussioni e nuovi strumenti… ed eccola protagonista (ma non troppo) del nuovo progetto con Marco Parente, che suona Dino Campana.

Avvincente ed onirico spettacolo ideato per la celebrazione del compleanno del poeta ma che sta avendo un discreto successo, tanto da esserlo riproposto nuovamente.

Sadi Oortmood,  il cantautore fiorentino-napolentano con i suoi arrangiamenti, l’abbiamo visto in concerto al centro Chille della Balanza a San Salvi di Firenze, ma aspettiamo già altre date e il cd dello spettacolo…Avanti tutta!!

Sadialways amazes us, always moving among keyboards, computer effects, percussion and new instruments … and here’s the protagonist (but not too much) of the new project with Marco Parente, who plays Dino Campana.

A fascinating and dreamy show designed for the poet’s birthday celebration, but it is having a fair success, so much so that it is re-offered again.

Sadi Oortmood,  accompanied by the Florentine-Napoletano songwriter with his arrangements, we saw him in concert at the Chille Center of Balanza at San Salvi in Florence, but we already wait for other dates and the cd of the show … Forward all !!

Valentina Sounds and her new video project

Valentina Sounds  (Valentina Raffaelli) is a full time musician, indie songwriter,and music teacher based out of Philadelphia. Born and raised in Italy, she moved here to study Jazz Vocal Performance at University of the Arts and then proceeded to start her career in music, performing and wiring for several original projects such as Sunshine Superman ( and Sparkle Pony (

After years of playing in bands she decided to start her own solo act, working just off of her vocalizer and vocal loop, which she uses to create live arrangements of originals and covers. The show is amazing.

She just launched her new video “I can’t stand the rain” originally recorded by Ann Peebles in 1973.



Valentina’s version is original, fresh, indipendent….

If you feel compelled to support her in her artistic endeavors please check out You won’t be disappointed, much is coming your way from this eclectic gal, and it could be anything from cooking, to music, to piano and voice lessons!

We’re glad to present her in MaiMia, Welcome Valentina!

(Please click on the link up there to see the video)

Schermata 2017-08-09 a 18.56.26



(Photos by Costanza Mansueti)




Design, renovation, creation : this is what it does Michele Volpi – Interior Design

Born in Pisa in 1962 he then moved to Florence and started working in planning and creating custom-made shops and trade show booth design for a studio specialised in interior design.

There he developed a great passion for the interior design profession. During those years he collaborated full time with several studios and firms in the design industry as a designer and the person in charge of the organisation of regional and national works.

In 2000 he opened his own professional studio in Campi Bisenzio and since then he has applied his professional knowledge and experience to all interior design areas and especially to the renovation and customization of businesses and private houses. Among his works were public places, entertainment places, beauty salons, shops, showrooms, offices and homes.

Between 2008 and 2010 he was deputy manager of AIPi – Italian association for Interior Designers – Tuscany’s Delegation.

                                  Photos: Costanza Mansueti

In 2010 he became a council member of CdA AIPi, responsible for training and the relations with the different regions of Italy.

In 2012 he specialised in Home Staging by participating in professional courses and afterwards he founded, together with his colleague Giulia Maggiorelli, Casa Mood Studio Home Staging, and entered the real estate and rental market.

In 2013 he joined the studio D @ D Design at Design Company, composed of five professional studios placed in northern and central Italy and expanded his business to hotels, wellness centres and SPAs.

In 2015 he was one the co-founders of company created to offer a new method of communication through videos, events and shows, enhanced by the value of Art.

                                 Photos: Costanza Mansueti

For more information: 

Curses – Tallers – Corsi

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Courses and Teachers (Talleres – Corsi e insegnanti)

Valentina Gudina


– Water color  – Acuarela – Acquarello

Given in : italian, russian and spanish ( Gran Canaria)

Where:  Italy – Florence ( Italia- Firenze)

Canary Island – Isola Gran Canaria

Valentina Gudina:”For me, art is like an experiment”.

Alex Falcon  

 – Illustration  ( ilustración – illustrazione) 

Given in : italian and spanish 

Where:  Italy – Florence ( Italia- Firenze)

Canary Island – Isola Gran Canaria

Alex Falcon: “I was raised in a marginal neighborhood where drugs, robberies and filth were everyday”…

Costanza Mansueti

– Advanced photography courses

Given in : italian, spanish and english 

Where:  Italy – Tuscany ( Italia- Toscana)

Canary Island – Isola Gran Canaria