Design, renovation, creation : this is what it does Michele Volpi – Interior Design

Born in Pisa in 1962 he then moved to Florence and started working in planning and creating custom-made shops and trade show booth design for a studio specialised in interior design.

There he developed a great passion for the interior design profession. During those years he collaborated full time with several studios and firms in the design industry as a designer and the person in charge of the organisation of regional and national works.

In 2000 he opened his own professional studio in Campi Bisenzio and since then he has applied his professional knowledge and experience to all interior design areas and especially to the renovation and customization of businesses and private houses. Among his works were public places, entertainment places, beauty salons, shops, showrooms, offices and homes.

Between 2008 and 2010 he was deputy manager of AIPi – Italian association for Interior Designers – Tuscany’s Delegation.

                                  Photos: Costanza Mansueti

In 2010 he became a council member of CdA AIPi, responsible for training and the relations with the different regions of Italy.

In 2012 he specialised in Home Staging by participating in professional courses and afterwards he founded, together with his colleague Giulia Maggiorelli, Casa Mood Studio Home Staging, and entered the real estate and rental market.

In 2013 he joined the studio D @ D Design at Design Company, composed of five professional studios placed in northern and central Italy and expanded his business to hotels, wellness centres and SPAs.

In 2015 he was one the co-founders of company created to offer a new method of communication through videos, events and shows, enhanced by the value of Art.

                                 Photos: Costanza Mansueti

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